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Although ceramic and porcelain tile is typically resistant to staining, fading and wear, they are still susceptible to damage without the proper precautions:

Grout sealing
Sealing your grout with a high quality, impregnating sealer may help protect it from soiling and staining. It can provide a barrier that allows extra time for cleaning up spills and prevent resulting stains.  Be sure to consult your sales associate or review manufacturer recommendations to select products that are compatible with your type of grout. Be sure to observe the proper waiting period before sealing the grout to allow time to dry and cure completely.  Periodic resealing may be required.

Use protective mats
Good quality entry and exit mats will help trap dirt, soil and grime that may abrade the surface of your tile or discolor your grout. Vacuum and/or clean these mats frequently to remove the trapped dirt and minimize the risk of transfer to the floor.

Use floor protectors under furniture

Use felt pad protectors under furniture legs to avoid scratching and marring of the tile surface. Casters should be free from small particles of sand, dirt and debris. Beware of metal furniture on the tile surface that may rust and cause staining. Always protect the floor when moving heavy furniture or appliances.

Vacuuming/Mopping: Easy maintenance routines
Spot and Spill Removal: Because, let’s face it, they cannot always be avoided
Overall Cleaning: To keep your floor looking great.