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You have invested in beautiful floors; let The Floor Store help you keep
them that way!

Mohawk FloorCare Essentials

Mohawk created FloorCare Essentials, a revolutionary floor care system for all hard and soft surfaces in your home. The result of years of research and development, not only are these products indispensable for regular floor cleaning and maintenance, they’re also essential for spill and stain emergencies. Mohawk FloorCare Essentials work on both wet and dry spills, and you can use them on other surfaces, too, like countertops, upholstery, drapes, tile and grout.

These products are stamped with the Design for the Environment logo representing certification from the Environmental Protection Agency that insures the product has passed the environmental impact in each class; ingredients, use, manufacturing, and environmental stewardship.  Friendly to people, pets, and the planet, FloorCare Essentials serve and protect your home, allowing you to no longer fear the unexpected spill.

Strict performance-testing earned FloorCare Essentials Carpet Stain Remover the Carpet and Rug Institute and WoolSafe seals, highlighting FloorCare Essentials’ ability to clean thoroughly and efficiently without damaging the carpet.

These products are a must have for regular floor cleaning and maintenance.

You want to keep your floors looking their best for as long as possible and caring for them can’t get any easier with the essentials; Floorcare Essentials by Mohawk! Stop by The Floor Store today and try some out!

The compounds used in these cleaners are totally organic, resulting in a streak- free shine with no sticky residue. Powerful enough to remove food and beverage stains, cooking oil, grease, black heel marks, dirt grime and other household spills.  Safe for Vinyl too!

These products come in 100% recyclable plastic 32 oz. bottles — simply remove shrink wrap label and entire bottle including spray trigger is ready to be recycled!

Urine-off is a specifically designed product to remove stains and odor of urine. Urine-off works effectively on all surfaces such as; carpet, furniture & mattresses, upholstery, hardwood, concrete floors, plywood’s, sub-floors, motor home holding tanks, litter boxes, and more. Urine-off is safe for use in any environment to include hospitals, assisted living facilities/nursing homes, daycare centers, schools, and homes. This product was specifically developed and formed with enzymes that actually “eat” the uric acid crystals, in addition to removing other components of urine without toxic chemicals. It has a light citrus scent that disappears when it dries. Urine-off became one of the first pet products to receive certification from the USDA as a bio-based product for ecological responsibility. Stop by The Floor Store today to see a demonstration of how it works!