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Engineered Stone is much like natural granite, but is actually stronger and more consistent in size, shape and texture.  CaesarStone, our choice for engineered stone, contains 93% crushed quartz – one of nature’s strongest minerals – and has the depth and beauty of a natural stone product but comes with a 10 year residential warranty, unlike natural stones.

CaesarStone is non-porous and therefore incredibly sanitary for use in both residential and commercial food preparation applications.  It is heat-resistant, non-toxic and meets NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) standards for safety.  CaesarStone is the only counter top material that is certified as Kosher.  Maintenance for engineered stone is extremely minimal.

CaesarStone is the only engineered stone to be backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and is the first quartz surface product to meet ISO 14001 environmental standards.

Let us help you select the CaesarStone that is right for you and your décor needs.