Stone Overall Cleaning/Refinishing

/Stone Overall Cleaning/Refinishing
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When a thorough cleaning is desired, mop the entire area with warm water and mild detergent or stone soap.  Clean or change the mop head frequently to avoid streaking. Always rinse well and dry thoroughly.

If it becomes necessary to mechanically refinish the surface of your natural stone, The Floor Store recommends that you consult a certified professional to protect your investment. Refinishing requires specialized equipment and skills to properly restore the beauty of your stone.

To help you protect and preserve your investment, The Floor Store proudly offers professional cleaning, sealing, honing and polishing services for your natural stone flooring, counter tops, walls and grout. Please complete our on-line Service Request, e-mail us at, or call (480) 833-4455 to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation.

Preventive Maintenance: The most important steps to prevent problems before they occur
Vacuuming/Mopping: Regular maintenance routines are critical
Spot and Spill Removal: Because, let’s face it, they cannot always be avoided