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Ceramic tile is a kiln-fired, natural clay product and is subject to shade variation. Shading is normal. Trim pieces can be off-shade from field tile.

“Crazing” is the appearance of fine surface lines on glazed tile. It does not cause separation or cracking of the entire tile. Crazing is caused by aging, heating and cooling. Since tile is a natural product and reacts to its environment, this is considered a natural process and part of the beauty of ceramic tile.

Scratching: Most tile used on countertops and vanities is glazed, matte or gloss and resists scratching. The surface of tile is fired to high-density, so it can be scratched by metal, leaving marks on the tile surface. Use care while using metal cookware/tools. Scratches appear more visible on a high gloss finish (as opposed to matte), and on primary or deep shaded colors.

Grout: Normal settling will cause some cracking of the grout, particularly in corners and edges. Use fill immediately to eliminate dirt build-up and discoloration. Sealing is recommended about thirty days after the grout is laid. It needs time to cure.