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While regular vacuuming and mopping can keep your tile floor looking good, you may want to consider the following options for more complete cleaning, as needed:

  • Damp mop with a clean, white mop and warm water.  Clean or change the mop head frequently to avoid streaking
  • Damp mop using an approved hard surface cleaner, such as FloorCare Essentials that won’t leave residues that attract soil.  Change or clean the mop head frequently to avoid streaking

Have your floor professionally cleaned.  Although most tile manufacturers do not have requirements for professional cleaning, using an approved, certified cleaner will leave your floor in top shape.  One way to find a certified cleaner in your area is to contact the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration and Certification at 1-800-835-4624.

Preventive Maintenance: Protect your investment before problems occur
Vacuuming/Mopping: Easy maintenance routines
Spot and Spill Removal: Because, let’s face it, they cannot always be avoided