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Frequent vacuuming, sweeping and/or mopping are quick and effective ways to keep your tile floors looking clean and beautiful:

  • Use a non-beater bar vacuum, broom or microfiber dust mop to remove loose dirt and grit
  • Damp mopping with a microfiber mop is highly effective and at getting fine particles that may be missed by vacuuming or sweeping.  The Floor Store recommends our FloorCare Essentials line of mop products including microfiber wet and dry cloths.
  • Clean/change your mop head frequently to avoid streaking
  • Never saturate the floor with water or cleaners, as this may promote mildew growth in the grout joints and may shorten the life of sealants.
  • Never use cleaners that contain acids or ammonia as they may damage the glaze on the surface of the tile and discolor the grout.  The Floor Store recommends our FloorCare Essentials Hard Surface Cleaner that is approved for all tile and grout cleaning needs.
  • Never use oils, waxes or polishes on your tile floor

Preventive Maintenance: Protect your investment before problems occur
Spot and Spill Removal: Because, let’s face it, they cannot always be avoided
Overall Cleaning: To keep your floor looking great.