Vinyl Flooring Features and Benefits

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Vinyl flooring has many features and benefits that make it an attractive flooring choice.

  • Vinyl floors are resilient, they spring back after deformation. Vinyl floors are also more comfortable to stand on than wood, tile, or laminate floors; and dropped items are less likely to break.
  • Even the best vinyl flooring costs less than most wood, ceramic tile or laminate flooring –gives you a selection for affordability.
  • Vinyl flooring is impervious to water – it can hold up in the busiest kitchens and the wettest bathrooms.
  • Vinyl floors absorb sound and are less noisy than hard floors.
  • The inner core insulates against heat and cold.
  • Vinyl floors resist stains and do not absorb dirt making it easier to clean than wood flooring and the grout of tile fooring.
  • Vinyl flooring comes in 6 foot, 12 foot, or 15 foot rolls, also referred to as sheet goods. Vinyl Compostition Tile/ VCT, and vinyl plank flooring looks like a laminate or wood plank floor.
  • Professional installation is recommended.
  • Smooth, even surface/subfloor free of cracks, dirt, and debris.
  • Embossing required over 1 layer of vinyl.
  • Well adhered.