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The Floor Store offers products to address a variety of window treatment needs. For every room or environment, The Floor Store has selections that will exceed your expectations.

  • Light Filtering Effects:
    To soften incoming light and gently illuminate space, choose from Cellular and Pleated fabrics or from the Sheer Horizontal and Soft Sheer Vertical collections. These translucent fabrics allow for varying degrees of light control without compromising the welcome beauty of natural light.
  • Room Darkening Effects:
    Bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms all benefit from treatments that cast deep shadows when drawn. Privacy Plus Room Darkening Wood Alloy Blinds and Room Darkening Double Honeycomb Cellular Shades offer substantial light control even in the middle of the day. Pleated Shades may be ordered with an additional liner to create a similar effect. Sheer Horizontal and Soft Sheer Vertical Shadings may be built with room darkening vanes.
  • High Humidity and High Heat:
    Intense heat and high humidity take a toll on most window treatments. Wood Alloy Blinds stand up to these extremes without the damage typically associated with warm temperatures and moisture: chipping, cracking, fading and warping. Install Wood Alloy Blinds in kitchens, bathrooms and sunrooms for worry-free elegance.
  • Increased Privacy:
    Custom Window Fashions provide peace of mind by adding a layer of privacy to any room. The slats of Privacy Plus Room Darkening Wood Alloy Blinds interlock to form a light-tight seal. Wood Blinds, Roman-Style and Cellular Shades, Verticals and Mini Blinds also enhance privacy when closed.
  • Energy Saving Results:
    Cellular Shades create an insulating barrier around windows, blocking drafts and lowering your overall energy bill. By adding the innovative Energy Saving Sidetrack System, the effectiveness of the shade is increased for greater in-home efficiency.
  • Ultraviolet Light Blockage:
    Ultraviolet light causes the colors of interior furnishings to fade over time. Cellular Shades, Sheer horizontals and Soft Sheer Verticals prevent this damage, blocking the UV rays before they enter your home.
  • Specialty Applications:
    Today’s architectural windows are accommodated by our well-crafted designs. Several cellular fabrics can be shaped into fully functional skylight and greenhouse shades, trapezoids, octagons, arches and quarter-rounds.
  • Child Safety:
    All Mohawk custom window fashions are built with safety in mind. To reduce the risk of accidents caused by cords, Mohawk includes tensioning devices or break-away tassels with every shade and blind. For increased security, select the Cordless Child Safety System or the sleek Cordless Ultra Hardware System for cord-free Cellular Shades throughout your home.
  • Large Windows and Doors:
    Several Mohawk window fashions are ideal for covering large windows and doors. The Single Honeycomb Cellular Fabrics are proportioned for such applications, as are Sheer Horizontals and Soft Sheer Verticals. Cellular and Pleated Shades, Roman-Style Shades and Wood Alloy Blinds may be built with two or three treatments on the same head rail for maximum width coverage.