Color 101: Learning the basics


Primary colors – red, blue, and yellow

Probably the first lesson you ever learned about color was that red, blue, and yellow are the primary colors. Every other color is made up of some combination of these three.

When selecting carpet, you may not choose the bright boldness of a pure primary color. But certain versions of the primary colors, like maroon, navy, or gold, can be the perfect choice for your home.
Primary color wheel including red, blue, and yellow

Secondary colors – orange, green, and violet

Secondary colors lie between the primary colors on the color wheel. These colors result from two primary colors being mixed together.

yellow red = orange
yellow blue = green
red blue = violet
Secondary color wheel including orange, green, and violet



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Intermediate colors – the remaining six

Intermediate colors–also called Tertiary colors–result from one primary color and one secondary color being mixed together.

The six intermediate colors are: blue-violet; red-violet; red-orange; yellow-orange; yellow-green; and blue-green.

Neutrals – black, white, gray, and every variation in between–are not part of the color wheel.
Intermediate color wheel, the remaining six